1)      I am a current member. How do I log-in?
Go to the HOME screen and click on the BLUE ICON (looks like the top part of a mannequin or a blue box depending on your browser).  Enter your log-in (email address) and password.  You will be directed to your membership profile. 
2)      I never received any emails about logging in or my password.
All of the membership records from the old system were imported into the new membership dashboard on March 29, 2018.  If you were not a current member on that date then your information was not moved to the new system.  Click “Join Us” to join as a new member.   Your initial join date to the organization will be added later.

Also, approximately 150 members did not have an email address in the old system and another 150 members had an invalid email address (changed jobs, typo, etc).  All of the state representatives were given a list of names with missing or invalid email addresses and we are slowly building up that information.  Members are being contacted when their profiles are updated with a valid email.

If you had a valid email address in the old system then you should have received an email (check your junk or spam folder) on April 11, 2018 with a link to log-in and create a new password.

Contact if you are a current member and have not received an email with log-in and password instructions.

3)      How do I update my contact information?  

Log-In to the dashboard and you will automatically be directed to your membership profile.   Click “Edit Profile” and you can change any of your contact details.

When you are in your own membership profile you can click on “Email subscriptions” to choose whether or not you want to receive announcements from event organizers or administrators.

4) What about my privacy?

We are all concerned about privacy and access to information online. The only areas where member info is shared is in the committee forums (if available) and in a membership directory accessible by state reps and board members.  The system defaults to only display your name and email address. 

Members of the public do not have access to any of your information unless they join SSCA.  To control what information is seen by members, log-in to your profile and click on “Privacy.”  You can keep some information open to members only and restrict access to everything else.   While "public" is an option in the privacy controls, no member of the public can access a forum or the membership directory, so your information will always be private to the public.  Please contact if you have privacy questions or concerns.

5)      When is my membership due?  How do I renew?
You can see your renewal date in your membership profile and click a renewal button to renew another year.  You also will receive an email 30 days prior to your renewal date with a link taking you to the renewal section of the dashboard.  You will receive a reminder email 7 days prior and the day of the renewal date if you forget to renew after your initial email.  You will also get follow up emails a few weeks afterwards.  30 days after your renewal date your membership will be archived until you choose to renew.

6) How do I enroll in an "auto-renew" program for my annual membership?

Log in to your membership profile and you will see your current membership level (probably "regular").  Click the "change" button next to your membership level and select "Regular-Renewal" and follow the steps to complete the renewal.  A Pay Pal account is required in order to set up an auto-renewal. By using these same steps members can also change between Associate and Regular if necessary.

7)      I joined/renewed but I cannot figure out where to pay?
You should be automatically taken to a payment screen where you enter your credit card or Pay Pal information.  However if you leave the screen or do not complete the transaction right away there will be an open invoice in the system.  The invoice will not be closed until either you pay for your membership or you choose to cancel your renewal.

Log-In to your membership profile and click on “Invoices and payments.”  Open your invoice and follow payment instructions or cancel the invoice if you wish not to renew. Contact if you have any issues with payments, receipts, invoices, etc.

    8)      How do I register for the Conference?
    Log-in to the website and visit the “Events” page in the top black menu bar.  Scroll down and you will see a link to “Register.”  Once you finish registering, you can visit the Pay Pal links available on the event page to pay online. 

    OR you can choose to mail in a check to the address noted on the event page.  This is a great option if your state is paying for a group of people to attend and will be mailing one check.  Each person can still easily register but hold off on payment until your organization mails the check. 
    Registering online (whether you are paying online or offline) allows event organizers to email all participants with updates and will give the organization a historical record of event attendance.

    Once you register you can click on “My event registrations” on your profile page and see the status of your registration.

    9)      I am a part of a committee.  Is there a way for us to communicate with each other through this dashboard?
    YES!  Once you log-in you’ll be able to access all of your committee Forum pages by hovering over the “Members” page on the top black menu bar.  A drop down list will appear and you can select your committee.  Click “Subscribe” in order to receive updates whenever anyone posts anything.  Note that the committee chair must request to have an online forum so you will not see your committee unless its been requested by the chair.

    Any active member belonging to a committee can post documents, photos, and messages to each other.  No one else BUT members of that committee can see what is posted. You can edit your subscriptions to forum pages by going to your member profile and clicking on “Email Subscriptions.”

    10) Will my membership card still be mailed to me?

    Membership cards will only be mailed to people that are not signed up for the membership dashboard.  Members enrolled in the new system can download their membership card whenever you want from your membership profile.  The card will automatically update in the system when you renew your membership.

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